The Sports Institution Behind Our Soccer Supply Shop

SUDA Soccer Academy is a local soccer training company based in Baraboo-Wisconsin. It was established in 2015 , with the purpose of providing quality instructional training for soccer player development.

Throughout the years in business we have trained players, not only from Baraboo but also nearby communities, with our year-round programs. Recently we have expanded our business to provide training to local community soccer organizations and clubs.

In addition, our qualified and licensed staff

Works personally one-on-one with individuals, conduct small group and team training sessions.

We train every player, from beginner to advanced, with “respect” to their skills and standard of play and work with each individual not only to make them well-rounded soccer athletes who can succeed at the game but also to help them become mentally stronger (self-confidence) individuals.

Thank you for your interest in SUDA Soccer Academy and we hope to see you at the field